15 reasons why you should Date a Cyclist

In the event that cute guy just who simply requested you out spends their vacations on a bicycle, please state yes.

Here are 15 reasons why you should date a cyclist:

1. Two words: bicycle shorts.

2. Its technology: Cyclists are hot. Research conducted recently found that cyclists exactly who excelled in the journey de France are considered more desirable than many other athletes — and therefore the best 10 percent of cyclists “is about 25 % more appealing versus most affordable 10 %.” Perhaps quickly will be the new rich?

3. Cyclists tend to be smart. According to a recently available Mindlab survey, people see cyclists as 13 per cent much more smart than the average person.

4. Cyclists are great. In accordance with the same study, cyclists are considered 10 % much more non-profit than non-cyclists.

5. Your own date is going to be around for sometime. Pro cyclists stay, typically, 6.3 more many years than non-cyclists. (Um, provided that they don’t really get hit by a vehicle.)

6. Cyclists tend to be helpful. After many years of honing bike-maintenance skills, your time might be up for repairing things at home, too.

7. The best outside. If you are tired of matchmaking interior cats, date a cyclist. You’ll get reacquainted with character. And perhaps even travel more.

8. Cyclists tend to be committed — and don’t accept defeat. Hopefully this extends to their own search for relationship success, also.

9. No sluggish bums here, just toned types. Cyclists tend to be disciplined, frequently carefully very, and will endure the sun and rain to obtain their trips in.

10. Cyclists are continuously establishing goals on their own. If you’d like a forward-thinking time, look absolutely no further.

11. Cyclists have actually great near-death-experience tales to generally share, and that is why they are also sticklers about safety.

12. You can start bicycling, also! The big date will likely be thrilled to generally share his/her excitement when it comes down to sport. In fact, all the family can join in, should the two of you ultimately procreate.

13. Cyclists never contact ill. Based on a 2013 study by the nationwide pattern system, cyclists take half the number of unwell times as their public transportation-riding peers.

14. Consider the go out’s fixation with all the open street is just a little over-the-top? He’s saner than you think. Studies have shown that strenuous workout like biking can raise focus and memory space while decreasing panic and anxiety. The bike will work for his brain.

15. Love our planet? Bicycling is really as environmentally friendly because it gets.

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